Meet Bacteria Barista Alexis Goertz, owner of Edible Alchemy and Fermentation Artist.


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Alexis Goertz - owner of Edible Alchemy - known as the Bacteria Barista, Bacteria Dealer & Fermentation Artist.


Every conscious business starts with the dream and purpose. Please tell us yours.

Getting people excited about strange things such as bacteria, yeast, mold. This technique I call is Edutainment - or Educational Entertainment. I have many dreams however, and one of them will be to get living foods onto store shelves, but until then I will educate people on what living foods (i.e. probiotics) are all about. 

How important is social media for telling your story and building your community? Which social media channels have had the most profound impact to your business?

Huge! even though my work is largely HANDS ON, the Internet is also the future for sharing ideas, knowledge and learning! I use Instagram, Facebook, my website and started an online academy to spread the word of fermentation to the world!


Describe your visual identity. How do you curate it and how is it helping you to tell your story.

Bright, alive, energetic, empowering. Colors, pictures and descriptions that make you want to take-action.

Not really. I probably should. I use #ediblealchemy and #fermenttheworld a lot, but need to get more into it. A little help?

Do you have a #hashtag strategy? Have you created branded #’s and which of these have been most successful?


One of my dreams is to get living foods onto store shelves. until that happens I will educate people on what living foods (i.e. probiotics) are all about. 


I would like to do this more. Get more of my followers involved and excited about what they are already doing at home! So far it has just been a simple mail-listing outreach.

How important is UGC for your brand? How do you engage and build your community and reward them for their loyalty?


Very much. Offline is how I started and the majority of my work for the last 5 years remains this way. Now I am starting an online course as I will be doing more traveling and want to continue to share this knowledge to the world. So I can tell my offline participants to check out more online. It is all working together to create the Edible Alchemy Academy!

Do you intertwine offline & online presence? If yes, how important is creating offline experiences for you?

Alexis Goertz

Alexis Goertz


Paid or earned media? Is Influencer Marketing important in your strategy?

Earned media. Until now, I have not needed to pay for media attention. I guess my role as 'the queen of fermentation' I am one of a kind and this theme of probiotics has grown and I have too many interviews to keep up with. Call it a blessing or a curse! But I want to keep spreading the bacterial word, so all attention is good attention here!

I follow the nerds out there. I use Instagram for my offline hands-on skills most of the time, but also for photo formatting. Pascal Baudar (@pascalbaudar) is a great influencer for me. Practically and aesthetically

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