Kula Q+A with Anna Vildaus: on cities around the world, current mantras & cultivating meaningful work principles.




Anna Vildaus, a morning person whose favourite emoji is the woman astronaut.

As Moominmama said to the sleepy Moomin: “Get up and create, darling. It’s eight o’clock.”


MUSt-see travel destination

This winter I finally got to visit Moscow as it’s been on my bucket list for a while now. It happened to be the coldest week of the year with a constant temperature of -26 degrees Celsius and the Red Square was empty, except for the police officers. Everything from the famous metro stations to the people wearing fur coats created this Soviet nostalgia- even without having witnessed those times myself. The city has an honest and unpretentious feel to it and is bursting of inspiring people.

A place you wish to visit more often

My childhood home. Even though I am now back in Latvia, the feeling I get from opening the squeaky entrance gates can’t be compared to anything else. Moreover, that is one of the rare places I can truly let go and switch to the offline mode.

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Source of inspiration

The people around me. I am fortunate to have such hard working and passionate friends and colleagues who constantly keep me on my toes and amaze with their energy.

The surroundings of where I live inspire me a lot, too. In Copenhagen I loved the ease of getting around and people not compromising on quality. London taught me the importance of having a global perspective without sacrificing the individuality. And now Riga has amazed me with its simple state of existence and the introvert culture I can so much relate to.

Work principles

The project has to be challenging, the employer- inspiring. When it comes to branding, I highly value a good sense of humor and a meaningful message behind it. I am a strong believer and practitioner of something I call “sustainable marketing”- creating a quality rather than quantity content that brings a value to everyone who consumes it and has a high organic reach.

Everything happens for a reason. I love the perspective this mantra adds to every life occasion- good or bad. At first, it completely changed the way I react to things and gave me the much needed space for letting the unexpected happen and go its way.

current mantra

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