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Zoe, Founder & Director of Wunder Workshop


Every conscious business starts with the dream and purpose. Please tell us yours.

My late mother had been very passionate about health and wellbeing since her early twenties, so by the time I was born she had nearly 20 years of experience. This meant I was surrounded by interesting books about traditional medicine, the power of plants and how to create all kinds of natural remedies from an early age. I grew up eating organic and locally sourced vegetarian food, we grew many of our own vegetables and herbs ourselves and we used to go to very down-to-earth Ayurvedic health retreats in Sri Lanka. After dabbling in different career paths (from politics to interior design) I realised that my true purpose lay in what was around me all my life, health and plants. This is when I decided to go back to Sri Lanka and find an organic farm that uses sustainable and ethical farming techniques with whom I could work together in order to bring some of their incredible plant knowledge in the form of herbs and spices back to London. I ask myself at least once a week what my purpose is as that’s so fundamental to my existence that I have manifested this to the core of my business. By having my own values incorporated in the brand so deeply I am using it as a vehicle to increase awareness about the importance of cultivating an understanding about the source of everything we eat and wear. My dream is to be as environmentally friendly as possible and only leaving a positive mark on this planet and not to harm it any further with mine nor my businesses footprint.

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How important is social media for telling your story and building your community? Which social media channels have had the most profound impact to your business?

Social media, especially Instagram, has been incredible for us. It is such an interactive community of supporters and early adaptors who are always keen to hear and try new things. Right from the start we have been lucky to have an international following who were eager to try our products. Personally, I have made so many good friends just by reaching out on Instagram that I find it a very positive tool that can give you so much in return by always being genuine.

Describe your visual identity. How do you curate it and how is it helping you to tell your story.

Wunder Workshop is all about gold and warmth. It is very much in line with my own personal style as I always wear some kind of gold element and love soft and warm colours. Gold symbolises perfection in any level and humankind’s quest to illuminate and refine oneself. Gold’s attributes are life, health and wisdom – 3 elements that sit very closely in line what Wunder Workshop personifies.


"Wunder Workshop is all about gold and warmth. Gold symbolises perfection in any level and humankind’s quest to illuminate oneself. "


We take part in a lot of yoga and meditation events and really see the biggest success that way as we love communicating our brand personally to people and get them to try our products. This often translates into word-of-mouth customers which we value as one of the most important ways of spreading the message of what we are about.

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Do you intertwine offline & online presence? If yes, how important is creating offline experiences for you?

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