Spring alert: Living well with Merilyn & Céline

Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho @rsanchescarvalho

Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho @rsanchescarvalho

Living Well with series


Céline & Merilyn


Spring, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, the air seems lighter and people happier. The early summer is looking like this. Céline & Merilyn share their monthly discoveries, health habits and favorite spots from London to ZUrich.



Céline: elderflower cordial with sparkling water and a zest of lime! Iced coffee in the morning to take on a walk.

Merilyn: matcha latte with chaga & pine pollen mix. Yes, it's matcha supercharged!



Céline: currently very into making a veggie chana masala with coconut yogurt.

Merilyn: super excited that the food scene in Zürich has literally flourished over the last years! Loving  Juicery 21 for juices & shakes, the new Japanese ramen place and vegan chocolate sorbet from Gelateria di Berna (the square turns into a buzzy gathering place during balmy summer nights). There are some amazing new food brands like New Roots for BEST vegan cheese, Lori for cold-brewed mate and my recent find was an amazing Nordic-style rye bread from Bachsermärt.



Céline: walk barefoot in the grass and stretch in the park. Getting back to practicing more outdoors yoga.

Merilyn: the same! Walking barefoot in the grass or forest every morning. It does wonders for more grounded state of being.



Celine: to take time for myself to draw, stretch, journal, contemplate the bigger picture.

Merilyn: feeling everything, the highs and lows.



Céline: strips of Papier d’Armenie, white sage with the windows open.  

Merilyn: wild fennel incense from Haeckels

Nik Guiney @nguiney

Nik Guiney @nguiney

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Tom Grimbert @tom_grimbert

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