Get cosy! Living well in the Fall, featuring Merilyn & Céline

Alisa Anton @alisaanton

Alisa Anton @alisaanton

Living Well with series: fall


Céline & Merilyn


late september, the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cold, the air seems cripier and the leaves are falling. Fall is here and Winter is waiting just around the corner. Celine & Merilyn share their seasonal tips and health habits.



Céline: This is the time of year my Vata body feels most vulnerable. The shift from hot to cold always affects me, mentally and physically. I rely on lots of spiced tea, turmeric lattes and Wunder Workshop’s delicious Golden Shrooms adaptogenic blend of Cordyceps, Reishi and cacao.

Merilyn: I just went to a Japanese tea masterclass by UK Tea Academy which was so inspiring. I’ve been drinking Chinese teas a lot during the past year, pu-erh or oolong from Tiosk being my morning favourites. I’ve now discovered Japanese hoijcha for myself too.



Céline: Stewed apples, baked in the oven with spices. Cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, they’re all deliciously nourishing and pacifying for my body type. Serve warm for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. I aim to consume plenty of orange root vegetables such as yams, squash, carrots, or sweet potatoes.

Merilyn: My boyfriend is making the most fabulous meals most of the evenings - loving his medicinal curries. When we do go out, our favourite restaurants are literally a 5 min walk away from our house - we love Sweet Thursdays for pizza, Pamela for cocktails and mezze and Rotorino for their Italian cuisine.



Céline: supplement with echinacea tinctures and experiment with essential oils in my aromatherapy diffuser.

Merilyn: Get more disciplined with my self-care. Regular Kundalini, Qi gong and Yin yoga classes at Triyoga to keep energy flowing. Also, with the Fall comes busy-ness and I’m seeking more structure in the way I work - less multi-tasking, more mindful focus and presence.

Annie Spratt @anniespratt

Annie Spratt @anniespratt

Joanna Kosinska @joannakosinska

Joanna Kosinska @joannakosinska



Celine: Allow myself to slow down. Less movement, travel, plane. My airy nature wants to keep floating but my body knows this time is for grounding. This month I’m trying a gong bath for the first time.

Merilyn: I’m really keen to try floating this Fall. (Floatworks in london)



Céline: Semra’s magical candles (MamaMoonCandles), manifestation tools as rituals!

Merilyn: A lot of palo santo and Crown Chakra candle by Species by the Thousands.



Céline: a mid-season tweed coat and new white sneakers. Usually you’ll find me wearing my everlasting winter ‘uniform’: an army-style coat and some heavy duty steel-toe leather boots. Needless to say, this is an upgrade. And some hand cream by Dr. Hauschka, a yearly ritual!

Merilyn: Charcoal stick for purifying my water. I’m in love with Monk Oil which my amazing VA Angie from Runyon Project brought over from Moon Juice in LA.

Aga Putra @agaputrantara

Aga Putra @agaputrantara

Allow myself to slow down. Less movement, travel, plane…

My airy nature wants to keep floating but my body knows this time is for grounding.

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