Kula Q+A with French designer & illustrator Céline


Kula Q + A




our kula contributor celine is a French artist & graphic designer based in East London. she's helped keskula digital relaunch a fresh website with a visual boost & an organized system for managing and curating content. celine shares her wellness tips, which include essential oils, running away, treasuring relationships & self-reflection. 


Can't travel without


I move A LOT ! I've come to master the art of self-care on the go I think. This includes carrying earplugs, an eye mask, bottle of water, portable battery packs, green tea bags, notebook & an ink pen, my digital drawing tablet, laptop, headphones, bottle of rose water and a bunch of essential oils (geranium, jasmine, orange blossom and eucalyptus are my fave). I call it my to-go apothecary. Home is where those things are.


Once a month I 


Go to the bath house. I pack a kimono, exfoliating glove, some oils and a big bottle of water. I love the heat, and I could lie there on this hot rock like a lazy lizard in the sun for longer than I could admit. I take some time to set intentions, and reflect over last month's. It helps me set goals. So that when I get distracted, or when my focus slips, I can quickly adjust.



Fave daily workout


My favorite forms of exercise are gentle. Every morning I stretch and my day includes a yoga routine. Every so often I go swimming to the pool, and if I'm lucky somewhere wild like a lake or the ocean. Recently I've picked up Taekwondo, which I absolutely love. 


best sources of inspiration


I collect pictures and organize them in carefully crafted Pinterest boards. Instagram is abundant with fresh talent too, I love the community on there. To me organization and curation are a crucial aspect of the inspiration process. It's over time, connecting pictures and ideas from different sources that inspiration emerges. You could call it systematized inspiration. 



relaxing tips


I try to make my work environment as nurturing as possible, so usually I don't feel the need to unwind. But when I do it falls into one of two categories of extremes. Sometimes I seek crowds, festival gatherings and go dancing until sunrise, open myself to as many people as possible. Or alternatively, I become unreachable, giving myself alone space to reflect, create, often traveling far and gaining perspective that way.

Either way, unwinding includes some type of movement, and getting lost a little :)



about Work-life balance


My work life and my 'life' life blend together quite naturally. So maybe I work all the time? Or not at all? It's hard to say when your exposure relies on social media platforms (Instagram), and when your friends belong to those same spheres of influence. I try to keep my friend group as wide as possible, and I'm lucky to have solid friendship foundations I always come back to. My team is everything.

I try to make at least one drawing a month solely for leisure. It's a way to protect what I love.


last words of wisdom


In the end it's always about the people. Others make you grow, and vice-versa everyone has the capacity to inspire others. Relationships are everything and everyone carries in them huge amounts of potential. Inspiration, achievements, status, it always just boils down to people. I try to remind myself of that daily. People are the biggest source of imagination. If they've done it, it's doable. So why can't you?