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We first came across Care/Of brand via Free+Native blog and were blown away by it's beautiful imagery - a far cry away from boring pharmaceutical-looking vitamin jars. Care/Of creates daily vitamin packs made from top quality ingredients and customized for every body. Although only available in the US at the moment, we can't wait to get our hands on it in Europe soon....

So, meanwhile, we decided to get in touch with Anu and ask her to share some insights about the importance of visual identity creation & community building for this pioneering wellness brand. 


Let's start with your name & role.

Anu Verma, Head of Marketing at Care/of.

Every conscious business starts with a dream and purpose. Please tell us yours.

We're here to make it easier to be healthy. So many people take vitamins & supplements to help complement their diets or to help with their health goals. But it can be really hard to navigate the space. Our goal is to make it easier - and to celebrate healthy living along the way.    

How important is social media for telling your story and building your community? Which social media channels have had the most profound impact to your business?

Social media, especially on Instagram, has been a wonderful way to introduce our brand to the right audiences. It's especially relevant for a brand focused on wellness because it's so natural for people to share their wellness tips and their successes (and their struggles) when it comes to being healthy. We're happy to be a part of that conversation and love being able to connect with our customers that way.


Describe your visual identity. How do you curate it and how is it helping you to tell your story.


Our brand and products have a clean but playful aesthetic, and we curate our Instagram feed with this in mind. We love to post about themes related to wellness and often re-gram images that our customers post of their own Care/of vitamin routine. Having a sense of humor is also key - we try to make this a part of our feed, through both visual content and writing.


Do you have a #hashtag strategy? Have you created branded #’s and which of these have been most successful?

We tend to keep it simple on the hashtag front and try to avoid overdoing it. We have a few branded hashtags we regularly use, and sometimes create hashtags for special campaigns.


How important is UGC for your brand? How do you engage and build your community and reward them for their loyalty?

Nothing makes us happier than seeing content created by our customers! We're always excited to see how they are making Care/of a part of their daily routine. Plus: they take some amazing photos. We encourage engagement by celebrating and re-gramming UGC, and occasionally by hosting contests or giveaways that lead to content-sharing.


Do you intertwine offline & online presence? If yes, how important is creating offline experiences for you?

One of the most important offline experiences for our brand happens when people receive their Care/of package. We think a lot about how to make that moment as delightful and special as possible. Our goal is to have that offline interaction help bring the brand to life and get people excited about taking care of their health!


Paid or earned media? Is Influencer Marketing important in your strategy?

Influencers have been wonderful partners. They create amazing original content that has real organic appeal and authenticity. We view influencer marketing, and, more broadly, word of mouth, as essential to our marketing approach. 


Share your Instagram inspiration. Do you have any brands or individuals who's social communication you admire? Any influencers who you think are important for your business?

There are so many inspiring Instagram accounts out there, each offering a unique perspective (and beautiful imagery). We admire so many peers and leaders in the health & lifestyle space - influencers, fellow e-commerce brands, and wellness sites like Well+Good.