what we offer


Our Mission


We are passionate to work with brands who create positive change, who are contributing to the wellbeing of people, society and planet. We want to share your LOVE, encouragement, inspiration, joy and laughter (as well as all other human emotions). We are big on transparency - conveying real stories and narratives, showing the “behind the scenes”. We love building tribes and facilitating meaningful interactions on- and offline. In fact, KULA means “community” in Sanskrit.

our expertise

We create relevant & inspiring digital content to engage and grow your tribe :

  • Tailored Social Media Strategies - taking an holistic look at your business goals, needs and brand story, we create a strategy for reaching your tribe and convert customers. We track & measure the performance and adjust accordingly.
  • Meaningful Content Creation - ideation, creation and curation of content that inspires your target audience to engage & take action.
  • Creative Solutions - defining your identity and conveying it through tone of voice, choice of visuals and curated content as part of your brands digital experience.
  • Community Management - effective community management for all key social platforms. Managing posting & daily engagement we build a tribe around your brand.
  • Partnerships - engage with influencers to increase reach and visibility of your brand.

Our Method

We promote cyclical living & working, aligned with the natural flow rather than swimming against the current. Our monthly schedule runs on a regular pattern, that enhances greatly the creativity, energy and impact we bring to the projects and serves our clients the best.

Each month we flow through following phases:

  1.  Play - strategy & planning, dreaming up new opportunities
  2. Meet - client meetings - aligning the strategy for next months content, key dates & activations; reaching out to potential collaborations & networks
  3. Create - this is when we get our heads down & go into creating mode, whether it's visual, written or video-based content
  4. Feel - most intuitive (and invaluable) phase, when we retreat and feel deeply into what works or not for your brand or business and see the new directions we could take; planting the seeds for the next cycle

what people are saying


"Merilyn is professional and positive - with deep understanding of the paradigm shift in consumer values and culture, she’s passionate about helping businesses to align products and communication with the emerging mindsets and new communities."

Daniel Sennheiser,


Anne-Marie springer,

founder & Foundling,


"From the very outset Merilyn's attention to detail, keen eye and listening let me know we'd chosen the right person for directing and managing the social media and marketing campaign for this sustainable fashion start up. Since launching the brand, Merilyn has continuously anticipated both the brand's and founder's needs, whilst fine tuning the campaign and responding intuitively to our tribe. Her contribution has proved invaluable, and we're delighted to have such a calm yet powerfully engaging energy within with our team."

Samantha Clarke,

Happiness Coach & Founder,

Growth & Happiness School.

"If you are ready to have a creative, considered and intuitive force to drive your social media campaigns and strategy forward, Merilyn is your lady. She immediately got to the heart of what I had hoped for Growth & Happiness school and the launch of our signature happiness at work courses. Merilyn provided a structured framework, scope of works and substantial market research to bring my dreams to fruition with ease. Merilyn has such a grounding nature and as an entrepreneur in the heady world of building your own business, it's such a breath of fresh air to work with someone relatable, sensitive and with humour/wit that will continually makes you smile."


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