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Our Consulting service could partly be called Life & Business Coaching as we give you much more than teaching how to post pretty pictures. Using methods like visualisation, energy clearing and connecting you to your intuition & intention, we get to the bottom of your soul or brand purpose and key goals & values in order to build your communication platforms from the place that matters. 

Package 1

Slow & Steady

Best package if you already have a social media presence, but need support with fine-tuning the message, visual identity and aesthetic as well as wish to grow your reach and engagement rate.

6 hours per month

optimum duration 3-6 months

From £667 / month

Working with Merilyn was pure pleasure. She is an enjoyable person to talk to and her knowledge in creating digital strategy from scratch is really amazing. Thanks to her my brand achieved a more professional look and we built a great base to get more attention from abroad.
— Kristi K., Founder of Bonobo, small natural cosmetics brand in estonia

Package 2


Best package if you’re looking to review your current strategy and kick-start with fresh and new look. Or perhaps you are looking to approach a new market.

15 h per month

optimum duration 2-4 months

from £1300 per month

Since launching the brand, Merilyn has continuously anticipated both the brand’s and founder’s needs, whilst fine tuning the campaign and responding intuitively to our tribe. Her contribution has proved invaluable, and we’re delighted to have such a calm yet powerfully engaging energy within with our team.
— Anne-Marie Springer, Founder of she caim, sustainable fashion brand

Package 3

Fast Lane

Best package if you’re launching a brand or a specific campaign - or when you’re taking your first steps in social media.

25h per month

optimum duration 1-3 months

starting from £2333 per month

Merilyn is professional and positive - with deep understanding of the paradigm shift in consumer values and culture, she’s passionate about helping businesses to align products and communication with the emerging mindsets and new communities.
— Daniel Sennheiser, CEO of Sennheiser

Our Consulting Packages cover:

Digital Strategy / Audience Profiling / Platforms and Tools / Content planning / Creative direction / Visual Identity / Producing and sourcing visuals / Copywriting for social media / Hashtags Engagement and growth strategy / Influencer marketing / Paid Ads and targeting Analytics / Branding by Atelier Cece