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Keskula Digital is founded by Merilyn Keskula, a creative strategist, expert in digital story-telling & content curation and an avid advocate for wellness. Our agency is built for supporting conscious brands and individuals who are contributing to the wellbeing of people, society and planet.

We help you to use digital channels for telling your story and building communities who share and amplify the love and passion you have for your product or service.

Keskula Digital naturally grew into a conscious worldwide community, attracting a global pool of talented content creators and digital experts. Our Kula - tribe, or “community” in Sanskrit - strives to convey the real stories of your brand, showing the “behind the scenes” of the narrative and ensuring your goals are met, while crafting meaningful interactions with your target audience.

Our services below are designed to help you to create relevant & inspiring digital content for your brand, in order to engage and grow your tribe organically.






digital IDENTITY

We help you define the identity of your brand's digital presence, both in form and in speech, through tone of voice, choice of visuals and visual asset curation. We study the market to make sure your brand stands out.


We craft well-defined and holistic marketing strategies by providing a long-term plan to support the development of your brand or business in order to ensure the achievement of your goals.


Whether it's curating your Instagram feed or launching a creative campaign, we build beautiful online experiences that engage and convert your target audience naturally and effectively.


social media management

We provide effective management for your key social media platforms. This means curating and posting daily, ensuring consistent engagement between your brand and your tribe. We also provide analytics. 


Our established workshops & events are designed for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of digital story-telling and Instagram curation, in order to launch or improve their brand image and digital presence.

Network & partnerships

By working with us you tap directly into a worldwide network of brands and content creators whose visions are aligned with yours. We research and suggest key influencers to increase the visibility of your brand.



What people are saying



"Merilyn is professional and positive - with deep understanding of the paradigm shift in consumer values and culture, she’s passionate about helping businesses to align products and communication with the emerging mindsets and new communities."



Anne-Marie springer,

founder & Foundling,


"From the very outset Merilyn's attention to detail, keen eye and listening let me know we'd chosen the right person for directing and managing the social media and marketing campaign for this sustainable fashion start up. Since launching the brand, Merilyn has continuously anticipated both the brand's and founder's needs, whilst fine tuning the campaign and responding intuitively to our tribe. Her contribution has proved invaluable, and we're delighted to have such a calm yet powerfully engaging energy within with our team."

"If you are ready to have a creative, considered and intuitive force to drive your social media campaigns and strategy forward, Merilyn is your lady. She immediately got to the heart of what I had hoped for Growth & Happiness school and the launch of our signature happiness at work courses. Merilyn provided a structured framework, scope of works and substantial market research to bring my dreams to fruition with ease. Merilyn has such a grounding nature and as an entrepreneur in the heady world of building your own business, it's such a breath of fresh air to work with someone relatable, sensitive and with humour/wit that will continually makes you smile."

Samantha Clarke,

Happiness Coach & Founder,

Growth & Happiness School.



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