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Moon Methodology

Our Moon method is rather unique and goes against the ingrained beliefs and concepts when it comes to social media - “more is better” and “always-on” become “follow your flow” and “pause is the new black”


Moon Method

We have created a system to remove the anxiety-building aspects of digital marketing while replacing them with deep and meaningful way of communicating your story online.

Our sister brand Mylky Moon Lab has been running in parallel with Keskula Digital since its beginning and we felt now is the time to unite these two parts of our work - commit to walking our talk when it comes to cyclical living and creating. 

The Moon Method is based on aligning all aspects of social media marketing - planning, content creation, community building and analytics - with the journey of the Moon around Earth. Basically, we are applying the cyclical blueprint we’ve been using in our personal lives for a few years to our work in social media and digital marketing.

Knowing how to use each day for its maximum benefit, when to launch new products and services and when to slow down to connect with your intuition, is a tool for radical self care. This method aims to shake the (digital marketing) world at its core while igniting a profound way of integrating feminine values, rhythm of nature and creative leadership.


Moon Method Phases:


New Moon to First Quarter

Intuitive planning week - what to do and how? The answers are already there. This is the week we sit down with the team - and our clients - to plan the content for the upcoming month or moon-cycle. We will make use of the list of holidays and events happening globally and the editorial calendar as well as key brand dates to curate meaningful and inspirational content for all of our clients.


First Quarter to Full Moon

This week is for reaching out to the new potential partners and collaborators, brands and influencers. Any launches will be scheduled during this week too. Our schedule is usually quite filled with meetings, networking and events. Be out, be seen - you never know who you might meet or when the inspiration strikes.


Full Moon to Last Quarter

This is another pro-active week that we use for meetings with our clients and fine-tuning the strategy and communication. Is there any new platforms or tools we can use, any new hashtags we should be aware of - learning and research happens here too. We will also producing new content here, in preparation for the next months - for example, scheduling photo or video shoots and sourcing new visual material.


Last Quarter to New Moon

This week we are slowing down and spending some time to check what we can “harvest”. We will take a deep dive into the data and work out what worked and what didn’t. We will put together client reports.



Having sessions with Merilyn and learning about my own cycle through Moon mapping sessions with her totally changed the way I approach my business life and my social life! I now know how i’m going to feel during the new moon; a time to plan a quiet weekend nesting, and during the full moon; a time to be out in the world spreading my energy amongst friends. In my work life, I am careful to be mindful when planning big meetings or trips in accordance with my cycle where possible, this has allowed me to flourish in work and let the best parts of myself shine.