12-phase programme

overhaul your digital presence with a programme designed to grow & support your business.

We’ve designed a 12-week programme for brands and entrepreneurs to grow their business online with our signature Moon Method and consulting expertise. Through weekly videos, bi-monthly group Q&A, and client-tailored personal mentoring sessions you will become a member of our creative community and receive custom-designed assets and strategy sessions to grow your brand. The 12-phase video course covers everything you need to know about Digital Marketing. No more addictive behavior, we want to offer you a program designed to help you navigate social media in your way through a holistic approach. The programme includes:

  • 12 x videos, released weekly over 12 weeks

  • 6 x Q&A group sessions on Zoom (twice per month)

  • 2 x 60min 1-1 sessions with Merilyn Keskula, Founder of Keskula Digital

  • Life-long access to digital worksheets and templates

  • Bonus: masterclasses with experts in their fields (branding & design, holistic business development, and much more)

£920 in full or 3 installments of £340 (£1020)

We need to drop into the place of intuition, receptivity and body wisdom in order to start creating and living from a different, more aligned space.
— Merilyn Keskula, Founder of Keskula Digital

12-phase Moon Program


1. dark moon

Introduction to Moon Method. Why and how to align with the moon ?


2. new moon part 1

How to achieve maximum efficiency (and reduce stress). Working in batches.


3. new moon part 2

Digital Strategy and how to build one. Who is your audience, what does digital strategy consists of ?


4. Waxing Crescent

Content strategy and planning. Expand your topics - Social Media calendar.


5. 1st Quarter Moon 1

Create your brand blueprint: Visual identity and aesthetic: through colors, photography.


6. 1st Quarter Moon 2

Copywriting for social media. captions. link in bio. Tone of Voice. Hashtags Strategy.


7. Waxing Gibbous

Instagram features and how to use them. Feed, Stories, Highlights, Later.


8. Full Moon part 1

Engagement & organic growth. Instagram growth experts. Paid advertising.


9. Full Moon part 1

Influencer marketing. Collaborations and partnerships.


10. Waning Gibbous

Creating your sales funnel. Creating your sales funnel. Customer Journey


11. Last Quarter

Analytics and performance


12. Waning Crescent

Working with a team or clients